Make business. Know humans.

We have had the pleasure to help lots of brands over the years and our experience tells us that to find the actual problem we need to have great understanding about your business. If you think it’s a one man show where you put some words on a piece of paper and excepting big things to happen, you’re wrong!

We know it’s about spending time together, talking and exchanging knowledge between one another. That will result in this amazing friendship with great understanding for your business and respect for each other. To achieve true value for your business we have to start creating true value for humans. The way to make this happen is based upon three foundations:

The Brand Why
We make it easier for your brand to adapt to future challenges by understanding why your brand matters and why your brand will still be relevant and successful tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Most agencies call this brand strategy and use a lot of fancy words, but we like to make it less technical and more emotional. It’s about why your brand matters, remember?

The Brand Identity
If you want to become the greatest of the world, you’ll have to look like it. Did you know that you only have 3 seconds to make a first impression? We help you make those seconds count.

The Brand Story
Now it is time to show the world why your brand matters. It is time to share your brand story, at the right place and at the right time. It’s about finding and leading your fans. Let them know why your brand matters and let them share your brand story at the right places. Don’t worry about media choices, we’ll get plenty of help.


The Manifesto

1 / Begin anywhere.
2 / Stop over analyzing, life is simple.
3 / Imagination beats knowledge.
4 / Be your own hero.
5 / Give and take.
6 / Get lost sometimes… its fun!
7 / Fail to succeed.
8 / Only a fool makes the same thing over and
over again expecting different results.
9 / Stay hungry. Stay foolish.